Become Your True Self With Daredevil #13

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Daredevil isn’t himself anymore. He needs training, focus…and a goal. Elektra Natchios is just the person to give these things to Matt Murdock once again. However, her methods may be a tad brutal. Meanwhile, Wilson Fisk, the Mayor of New York City, just brutally murdered a wealthy and powerful man in the mansion of another wealthy and powerful man. Fisk lost control, and he needs help. Wesley will always be ready and eager to help his boss and friend. Plus, Detective Cole North is being put on probation, and the Owl is making moves to take over Hell’s Kitchen.

Daredevil #13 cover by Julian Totino Tedesco
Daredevil #13 cover by Julian Totino Tedesco

Daredevil #13 finds Matt Murdock in rehabilitation and Kingpin in the position of being vulnerable and scared. The world has put these two men in a very different place than where they once were, and they need aid in navigating their new realities.
In a way, both Matt and Wilson were denying their true selves, and this issue finds them returning to those identities. Of course, Matt is deliberately trying to get there, and Wilson was simply unable to control his true self.
Both tales are compelling and don’t let you go into the resolution. Truth be told, I found the Kingpin half of the comic far more interesting, but your experience may vary. 
The Owl gets a pretty damn good scene in this issue too, and Detective North is really starting to grow on me.
Marco Checchetto, true to form, knocks it out of the park in this issue. His unique style, powerful detailing, and expressive figures have been a great boon to Chip Zdarsky’s run on Daredevil, and this issue is no different. Nolan Woodard provides the coloring, and he gives the right amount of vibrancy and atmosphere to this read.
Daredevil #13 is another powerful issue from Zdarsky, Checchetto, and company. The stories in this issue give the reader major shake ups and brilliant character moments from two of Marvel’s greatest characters. This one definitely gets a recommendation. Give it a read.
Daredevil #13 comes to us from writer Chip Zdarsky, artist Marco Checchetto, color artist Nolan Woodard, letterer VC’s Clayton Cowles, cover artist Julian Totino Tedesco, and variant cover artist Declan Shalvey.
Final Score: 9.5/10

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