Review: Justice League #35 Sets Up The Pieces For The Forthcoming Finale

by Olly MacNamee

With only a few issues left of Scott Snyder’s run (with more than a little help from James Tynion IV, I hasten to add) on Justice League, issue #35 felt a little bit more like a necessary moving of pieces around the board in order to set up the grand finale that will play out over the last few books. But, with Francis Manapul making his welcome return to this title it’s nothing short of anything but stunning on the art front. 
The Justice League are reuniting – alongside the Justice Society and the Justice Legion – but even Batman has his doubts – as given away unwittingly by Jarro – they will overcome this crisis, as Perpetua’s plan to remould the Multiverse into a warring, apex predator dominated car crash of a realty. As they gather, is it more a question of saying ‘goodbye’ to loved ones, rather than trying yet again to battle against a force that has only grown stronger since her winning back of the Anti-Monitor? 

Across the Multiverse, Perpetua’s signal is writ large, and there are real consequences too, as one of the 52 parallel Earths, as mapped out by Grant Morrison in his Multiversity series from a few years ago. And, without spoiling anything, it’s a world many long-time reader will be upset in seeing die.
But, does anything stay dead in comics? At one point we are reminded of the Justice League’s Starman (Will Payton) and a prophecy he made way way back in issue #7. A prophecy that stated three would have to die, before they could get all the answers from him. Well, while the Martian Manhunter is still dead, it would seem reports of Aquaman’s death were greatly exaggerated. With Starman seemingly dead too after last issue, where does that leave the Justice League? And, where will they gain all the answers they were promised? Curiouser and curiouser.

Earth 19 in da house

Overall Justice League #35, while heavy on dialogue and exposition, really feels like the tension is building to a crescendo that, I have no doubt, will be talked about for years after. Snyder, as with his Batman run, will be able to look back in years to come and admire his mighty works and know he has left a legacy in the annals of the DCU. And, not many writers can say that about their work. 
Justice League #35 is available now from DC Comics

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