Young Justice #10 Brings Hope To A Hopeless World

by Tony Thornley

Most evil alternate universe stories end with the heroes learning a lesson to be better. However, Young Justice #10 shows what happens when the heroes actually do something about these mirror universes.

Brian Michael Bendis, John Timms, Nick Derington, Gabe Eltaeb, Dave Stewart, and Wes Abbott wrap up the team’s trip into the Multiverse.

The team draws a line in the sand against the Young Syndicate, defeating their evil duplicates, especially thanks to Jinny and the weapons found in her trunk. Thanks to their victory they’re able to head home, leaving Earth-3 with a renewed sense of hope. Meanwhile, we learn Jinny’s origin, as well as exactly where her trunk came from…

Bendis wraps up the arc with flair. He makes it clear that he knows the tropes that go into these kinds of sci-fi stories, and structures the main story in a way that subverts them. The action is fun, but he makes sure the young heroes do more than knock out the bad guys, they ruin their entire power structure.

The highlight of the story though is the flashbacks by Bendis, Derington and Stewart. Jinny truly feels like a grounded mid-western girl, thanks to their depiction of her. They give her realistic fears and motivations, which makes thrusting her into the fantastic even more exciting.

Timms and Eltaeb’s work on the main story really works well. It’s straightforward superhero comics. Timms uses chaotic layouts to set the tone until the heroes breakthrough and shifts the tone. His character work is cartoony, but that makes it incredibly expressive. Eltaeb’s colors are bright and keeps the story from feeling too heavy.

This has been a fun arc, and I’m excited to see where the team goes back fully in the DC Universe.

Young Justice #10 is available now from DC Comics.

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