Hellboy BPRD Meets Zero Dark Thirty In Your First Look At Godkiller #1 From Sable, House And Aftershock Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Writer Mark Sable (Supergir) with artist Maan House, colorist, Hernan Cabrera and letterer, Thomas Mauer, has a new one coming from AfterShock Comics, called Godkillers; a crack team of highly trained military personnel who’s job it is to take out enemies of the state who use monsters as exotic weapons.

Abdul Alhazred is an Arab-American folklore professor turned soldier whose fear of death stems from uncertainty about the existence of an afterlife. Then he joins The Godkillers, a special forces unit tasked with fighting insurgents who use mythological creatures as weapons of mass destruction. Now that he knows the supernatural exists, he’ll have to decide which is worse—death or the nightmarish monsters he thought were mere legends.

Would you believe it if I told you Sable based this on first hand experience?
Well, he hasn’t shot down any mythical monsters, but when he isn’t writing comics, he’s a consultant on The Atlantic Council’s Art of Future Warfare project. I’ll let him tell you more in the official statement that accompanied the news of this horror/sci-fi series that’s one part Hellboy: BPRD and another part Zero Dark Thirty in tone, ahead of your first look at this intriguing new book:

There, members of the arts and entertainment community like myself are put together with members of the military, intelligence, scientific and policy making communities to help envision the future of conflict.  And in my case, I hope to prevent it.

In talking with military and intelligence personnel, conflict journalists etc., I was shocked just how many countries the U.S. is operating that the media doesn’t give much coverage to.  I wanted to explore how our military and intel organizations are not just engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the Philippines, Syria and Ukraine, to name just a few of the places we visit in Godkillers.

Got it now? And, if the name of the central protagonist sounds familiar, then look no further than H P Lovecraft and the enigmatic author of the Necronomicon. Sable admits to purposefully naming the lead after the author of the aforementioned work:  “Godkillers is in part my way of exploring some of the existential dread in Lovecraft’s work while putting a modern, heroic spin on one his most reviled characters.”
Personally, they had me at the title alone. With references to HP Lovecraft as well, then that’s sold it even more. It sounds like a great mixture of genres and something very different too.
Godkiller #1 will be available from 19th February 2020. But, do ask your LCBS for a copy to ensure you get one.

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