More Of Square’s SaGa Series On The Way

by Sage Ashford

Courtesy of 4Gamer with a translation from Gematsu, we have key staff from Square’s long-running SaGa series confirming their plans for further entries in the series. This came thanks to an interview discussing the recently released Romancing SaGa 3.

In the interview, series director Akitoshi Kawazu talks about further titles:

Akitoshi Kawazu: “Since we’re expecting a shift to new game consoles soon, we’ve prioritized creating an environment where you can play previous entries, but I would like to release new entries in the future as well.”

What’s interesting here is that Kawazu specifically brings up a shift to new game consoles.  Granted, he does so in relation to making it possible to play older games on the upcoming consoles (since PS5 will be backwards compatible), but it’s still a strange connection to make. SaGa Scarlet Grace was a PlayStation Vita title which seemed to be a very stripped down version of what players might normally expect from a Square-Enix J-RPG.  It performed admirably, selling just shy of 100,000 copies in Japan despite releasing at a time when the Vita wasn’t doing all that well.

Since then, they’ve gone back and re-developed Scarlet Grace, turning it into SaGa Scarlet Grace Ambitions; adding new characters, new story scenarios, voice acting, as well as reduced load times, increased movement speed, and more.  It’s a vastly improved version of the game, but ultimately still held back by being developed for a console which Sony stopped supporting fairly early on — and during an era when people had little faith in consoles.

Could it be possible to see a SaGa that gets considerably more development time thanks to the popularity of the Nintendo Switch in Japan and the overall love consoles have seen lately?  One thing Square could use is a return to the days when Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts were not the only series that mattered.

Sage Ashford

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