Feel The Horns: Preview The Immortal Hulk #27 By Ewing, Bennet And Marvel

by Olly MacNamee

The Immortal Hulk #27 is out next week rom Marvel Comics, with the green machine on the hunt for the Minotaur and the Roxxon Corporation. Written by Al Ewing with art by Joe Bennet, it comes out Wednesday 20th November in your local comic book store. Check out the preview below. And, as I was fortunate enough to say directly to Al Ewing himself earlier this year, that Joe Bennet has certainly come on leaps and bounds since I remembered him on the weekly 52 comic book series and deserves his place on a premium title like this. As you can see from the pages below.

Some monsters are born from gamma… other monsters worship a different kind of green.
In his war on the human world, the Immortal Hulk is taking the fight to its lords and masters – the Roxxon Corporation.
But when you mess with THE MINOTAUR… you get the horns.

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