Naruto’s Madara Uchiha and Bleach’s Toshihiro Hitsugaya Come To Jump Force

by Sage Ashford

Surprisingly, Bandai-Namco’s Jump Force is still getting DLC! The arena fighter adds one of Naruto‘s biggest villains with Madara Uchiha and one of the more popular Captains in Bleach: Toshihiro Hitsugaya. The two characters face off against one another in the trailer above, displaying Madara’s powerful Susano’o summon and Captain Hitsugaya’s bankai technique.
Both characters will be available for purchase on November 19th, but anyone that owns the season pass will be able to get early access to the characters today instead. This brings the total number of characters in Jump Force to 50, with two more remaining: One Piece‘s Trafalgar Law and Bleach‘s Grimmjow Jaegarjaquez. There’s no release date for either of them yet, but Jump Force‘s DLC was supposed to carry them into 2020 — so Hitsugaya and Madara are probably the last new characters we’ll see for the remainder of the year.
Jump Force is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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