The Next Episode Of Watchmen Delves Into The Secret History Of William Reeves

by Erik Amaya

With Watchmen now at the half-way point of its first season, it is time for one or two answers. And if this preview of next week’s episode is any indication, Angela Abar (Regina King) will finally find some as she experiences the life of William Reeves (Louis Gossett Jr.). From his earliest memories of the Greenwood Massacre to that fateful night by the tree, Angela will learn much more about her grandfather’s past than one would expect — maybe even his secret identity hidden in plain sight. But then, that’s the whole reason William planted the Nostalgia pills in the first place, right?

Meanwhile, we have to wonder if Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson) swallowed the Seventh K’s Kool-aid after watch Adrian Veidt’s (Jeremy Irons) tape. Letting Angela incriminate herself on Blake’s (Jean Smart) cactus bug would suggest he wants the truth about Judd’s death to be public. Also, the appearance of the Kavalrymen at the end suggests Senator Keene told them he is a cop. Will he survive the encounter or is it part of some initiation rite?
Also, since Wade’s truth-saying power is somehow innate, did Veidt unleash superpowers the night of the Squid?
And while we’re talking about Dr. Manhattan, what will draw Jon Osterman back to Earth? He’s abandoned his creations on Europa — at least, we’re assuming Veidt and the life Osterman wrought are on the icy Jovian moon and not the volcanic Io — in another fit of cosmic ennui, but something will make him concerned again and that day will no doubt be as terrible as 11/2.
Watchmen airs Sundays on HBO.

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