Cosmo: The Mighty Martian #1 Sets A High Bar For All-Ages Comics

by James Ferguson

Cosmo and his band of adventurers are back for another…adventure. The crew is now on the run from the Venusian army, so they’re trying to stay one step ahead while investigating Queen Hesper from afar. This leads them to a base on Ceres where they encounter a new enemy and get a glimpse at Hesper’s plans.

This new series wastes no time getting to the action, first with a tense space battle and then with a dual exploration of Ceres that ends in a showdown with rat monsters. All the while they’re taunted by a video game obsessed villain. Artist Tracy Yardley mixes the pulse-bounding excitement of these action sequences with sly humor in his cartoonish style. It’s a perfect fit for this book.
I love how expressive the characters are. There’s a great shot where Cosmo, Orbi, and Max are hurtling towards Ceres in surefire crash landing. Their facial expressions are a nice representation as to who they are as people. Orbi and Max are terrified, but at different levels while Cosmo is wide-eyed and smiling. He could not be more excited.

Colorist Matt Herms brings Cosmo: The Mighty Martian alive with a vibrant palette. This is a sci-fi book in the truest sense of the term with bright, varied colors. This may take place in the dark reaches of space, but it’s far from a dreary story. Everything is alight, from the spaceships and the energy blasts they send out to the different characters they encounter along the way.
Even though Cosmo is fighting a couple of rat monsters, it never feels too scary. This is an all-ages book and there’s definitely something for everyone. The monsters will delight most young fans while their dialogue, presented in big bold blocky text from letterer Jack Morelli, will get a chuckle from older audiences. It’s a nice blend.

Writer Ian Flynn certainly ups the stakes for this sequel series, throwing the crew into danger right away while they flee from Queen Hesper’s army. This can and should be translated into an animated series with how fast-paced and fun it flows. Cosmo is a stand-out all-ages comic.
Cosmo: The Mighty Martian #1 from Archie Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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