Guilty Gear: Strive Releases in 2020, Teases New Character

by Sage Ashford

ArcSystemWorks’ latest Guilty Gear installment finally gets it’s own subtitle, referring to itself as Guilty Gear: Strive in a new trailer revealed during the ArcRevo World Tour Finals. This came with the confirmation that the game will launch in late 2020 while the new trailer showed all the currently announced characters in combat with one another.
At the end of the trailer, the latest character is teased was Faust — who will be revealed in full gameplay at Frosty Faustings XII, which occurs from January 17-18th. This brings the current character count of Guilty Gear: Strive up to seven, which is roughly half of the number of characters that were in Guilty Gear Xrd‘s opening roster. Though ArcSystemWorks is frequently criticized for the size of their games’ beginning rosters, they’ve certainly made no attempt to change it, whether it’s games like this or BlazBlue: CrossTagBattle. Additionally, as it becomes more popular to support games for multiple years, it’s likely smaller rosters will become a more purposeful decision; allowing them to slowly grow the game’s roster in the months and years post-release.
Guilty Gear: Strive will release for the PlayStation 4 in late 2020, though it’s unlikely this will be the only platform it releases for considering when it’s scheduled.

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