Mama Knows Best: Midnight Vista #3 Reviewed

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Oliver awakens in the house of his mother, and she embraces him the second she sees that he’s awake. Oliver discovers that his mom has been looking for him every moment since his abduction. She saw the ship that abducted Oliver and Nomar at Midnight Vista and knows about the aliens. She’s also had experiences with the men in black that tried to kidnap Oliver. Meanwhile, Detective Aldo Martinez thinks Marisol just kidnapped Oliver and is rallying the police to hunt down Marisol and Oliver. He has a lead on Marisol’s residence to boot.

Midnight Vista #3 cover by Juan Doe
Midnight Vista #3 cover by Juan Doe

Midnight Vista #3 reunites Oliver with his mother, Marisol Perez, and the two share many a tender moment in her home.
Oliver is, of course, confused about what happened with his mother and why they need to run. 
Marisol is a great character; she has been fighting nonstop to see Oliver and Nomar again, at times literally. She’s a consummate badass, but this doesn’t keep her from breaking down and holding Oliver for as long as she can.
Aldo Martinez is a fairly sympathetic character in all of this despite his goal being to split Oliver and Marisol apart. All he knows is that Marisol just shot two people and took Oliver right in front of him. 
The aliens and men in black are still a detached and inscrutable force. We don’t know exactly what they want; we only know that they’ve been a malevolent force in the lives of Oliver and Marisol.
Midnight Vista #3 art by Clara Meath, Mark Englert, and letterer Taylor Esposito
Midnight Vista #3 art by Clara Meath, Mark Englert, and letterer Taylor Esposito

Clara Meath’s artwork continues to serve Midnight Vista well. The moment where Oliver and Marisol hug is tender and cute. The men in black still look incredibly unnerving and even a bit goofy. The eyes are still expressive and keep the reader focused on the characters’ faces. Mark Englert gives the book a good color treatment, keeping the visuals well-balanced.
Midnight Vista #3 is another solid entry in this alien abduction comic series. Marisol is a great addition to the cast, and her relationship with Oliver is genuinely endearing. There’s a surprising amount of action in this issue too, which is definitely welcome. This book gets a recommendation. Check it out.
Midnight Vista #3 comes to us from writer Eliot Rahal, artist Clara Meath, color artist Mark Englert, letterer Taylor Esposito, and cover artist Juan Doe.
Final Score: 8/10

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