Tom Lyle The Artist Behind The Scarlet Spider Passes Away At Age 66

by Olly MacNamee

Word is out that comic book artist Tom Lyle has passed away at the age of 66. This has been confirmed by the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) and is already resulting in many messages of condolence on Twitter from comic book creators and fans alike.
For many fans, Lyle will forever be linked with the infamous Spider-Man Clone Saga of the 90’s and it was Lyle that designed the Scarlet Spider’s suit too. But, the list of title he worked on is far more than just Spider-Man. He worked on titles for DC Comics too, such as on Starman (currently making a comeback in Justice League) and the original hit Robin mini-series, which led to two sequel series too and has, since 2005, taught at the aforementioned educational institute of SCAD.
Lyle was a prolific artist in the 90’s that’s for sure, and will be missed by many as a result of his integral role in such major storylines and series as those mentioned. He was certainly a big presence in the comics I was buying. And, love it or hate it, the Clone Saga was hard to ignore.
Tom had been recovering from major surgery to remove an aneurysm from his brain, but sadly he never recovered, slipping to an induced coma as a result.
Of course, all of us here send our condolences to Tom’s surviving family at this trying time. He is survived by his wife, Sue.
RIP Tom Lyle (November 2, 1953-November 19, 2019)

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