Review: Triage #3 Dives Deep Into Multiverse Hijinks

by Tony Thornley

Built into the very concept of Triage is the ability to shift from genre to genre. Centering the series around a chase through the multiverse means that each issue could change the story entirely while keeping its core theme. So what new world do we encounter in Triage #3?

Phillip Sevy and Frank Cvetkovic get weird in this issue.

Evie, Tab, Marco and Orbit tried to stop the Hunter in Evie’s home dimension and failed. Their only choice was to run, leading them into Marco’s dimension. As they prepare for the relentless monster’s next appearance, they also explore her world, learning about this strange place their double calls home. And in the midst of the rest break, things take an unexpected turn…

Sevy really shows off his writing chops here. He creates Marco’s world wholesale in this issue, from the setting to character relationships. The post apocalyptic landscape isn’t just a lift from The Walking Dead, but is a wholly unique setting, with its own rules, factions and conflicts. Meanwhile, the story is centered in the characters, with all the action coming from their motivations and their relationships.

His art is still a fantastic reason to pick up the issue alone. He renders the action with a wonderful eye for the story, but also to guide the reader across the page. Even though three of the four main characters are versions of the same person, he uses several different tricks to set them apart, with differences in stance, body language and even the facial expressions they make. His color work also brings the worlds to life, even shifting between palettes to set them apart more than the design alone.

This sci-fi adventure continues to excite and I can’t wait to read what’s next!

Triage #3 is available now from Dark Horse Comics.

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