Upcoming Yakuza 7 Game Gets a Ten Minute Trailer

by Sage Ashford

YouTuber CaptainEpic6 has translated SEGA’s latest trailer for the upcoming Yakuza 7 into English. And as it is a ten minute long trailer, it goes without saying massive spoilers abound for anyone who concerned with big story details. We were already aware of the game’s basic setup: Kasuga Ichiban is asked to take the fall for someone who’s committed murder, resulting in him being sent to jail for eighteen years.
When he gets out though, he finds none of his yakuza allies awaiting him, and even after he breaks in to see his former boss, he’s awarded with…a bullet. In the end, Kasuga is abandoned to the city of Ijincho, a part of Yokohama. But this trailer goes into further detail, including explaining who exactly Kasuga took a bullet for and what happens once Kasuga gets inside of Ijincho.
This storyline appears to be far more politically focused than what we’re used to for this series, with the lead villain seeming to be a politician himself. Unlike other trailers, this doesn’t go into any side games or talk about other characters — it deals purely with Kasuga’s story and how other people come into his path because of it. Of course, Yakuza has never disappointed on story before so there’s no reason to believe it will any time soon.
There’s also one last-minute tease of a very familiar character, but now that we have a translation it seems probable they aren’t actually a part of the story.
Yakuza: Like a Dragon will launch some time in 2020 for the PlayStation 4.

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