A League Of Extraordinary Women: Preview Adler #1 By Tidhar, McCaffery And Titan Comics

by Olly MacNamee

When I read Titan Comics’ Anno Dracula 1895: 7 Days In Mayhem, by horror master Kim Newman and artist extraordinaire Paul McCaffrey, I was immediately bowled over by the story – the rich, gothic alternative history world of Victorian England – and, of course, the art. It was mind blowing and I have ever since pestered artist Paul McCaffery – who I’ve got to know quite well over the intervening few years – when he was delivering anymore new books. Well, thankfully that time is almost upon us as Titan Comics are about to release a new series featuring McCaffery’s art. And that seres is Adler.
The eponymous heroine of the new series – Irene Adler – may well be familiar to fans of Sherlock Holmes, and in this series her mission is to gather together some of the greatest fictional and non-fictional heroines of the era to fight the greatest criminal mastermind of all times.
Along the way we’ll meet the likes of Jane Eyre, Lady Havisham, Marie Curie, Carmilla and Ayesha; all recruited to defeat evil. Definitely something for fans of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, as well as fans of Anno Dracula too.
It’s a sequel to their original Adler mini-series from 2014, and I for one cannot wait to read the first issue when it comes out February 5, 2020 from Titan Comics. I mean, just look at the pages below.

For Sherlock, there was only ever one woman – now Irene Adler is on a mission to take down Moriarty! It’s the League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen, as Adler teams up with a host of famous female faces from science, history and literature to defeat the greatest criminal mastermind of all time!

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