Arkane Studio Founder Announces New Company Wolfeye Studios; First Game To Be Revealed At TGAs

by Sage Ashford

Raphael Colantonio, founder of Arkane Studios (creators of Dishonored, and the upcoming game Deathloop), and former Arkane executive producer Julien Roby recently explained they are now working at their newly created company, WolfEye Studios. The first post on their new website talks about the mindset that went into creating WolfEye:

“It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to work together again with Raf, being able to build the kind of unique & deep games we love to play.” said Roby, CEO and Executive Producer at WolfEye. “After taking some time off, and consulting for a variety of video games companies, I’m ready for a new adventure” added Colantonio, President and Creative Director at WolfEye. “The AAA market is risk-averse and innovation suffers from it. As a Game Designer, I’ve been wanting to try new ideas and approaches and I believe the Independent games are in the best space to do so.”

Typically, when a new studio is announced like this, it tends to be more of a PR move.  It lets everyone know a new studio exists and the people in charge of it get to hire developers in peace without nosey gamers shuffling through people’s CVs to see what new projects are being worked on.   Typically, this leads to people forgetting about them entirely (which is of course the goal) while they work on their games.
But it works a little different this time around, as WolfEye Studios will be revealing their first game at The Game Awards, on December 12th.

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