Joe Hill’s Basketful Of Heads #1 Sells Out, Second Printing Coming

by Olly MacNamee

Basketful of Heads #1, from writer Joe Hill and artist Leomacs, has sold out and is now heading for a second printing. Alongside that news DC Comics also released a first look at issue #3 having already shared an early look at the second issue. But, unlike other companies who often find they’re offering second and even third prints of their popular comics, DC Comic has decided to simply release the second printing with a re-colored version of the Basketful of Heads #1, original cover.
Still, if you’ve missed the issue and want to Rea it, I doubt the cover will be the incentive to buy it. Good comics should be the only reason, right? Anyway, hers’ a look at issue #3, out December 18 from DC Comics and Hill House Comics.

Basketful of Heads continues as a seven-issue miniseries! June Branch has been hunted, haunted, and desperate; she’s got an ancient Viking axe with mystical properties and a severed head in a basket that won’t shut up. If she can’t make her traveling companion be quiet, maybe she can get some answers out of him…answers that might spell the difference between life and death. But getting him to talk is one thing, and getting the truth out of him is another. He’s a decapitated devil who’d like nothing more than to lead June astray-and with three other killers out to finish her off, so she has no room for error. The comic with the sharpest edge in horror returns for another swing of the axe!

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