The Next Episode Of Stumptown Promises To Flip The Script

by Erik Amaya

Now that Dex (Cobie Smulders) is established as a P.I., it’s time for her to face more of her past as Sue Lynn (Tantoo Cardinal) hires her to take on another case — a bit of deja vu since Sue Lynn put Dex on this course in the first place. And this preview for the next episode of Stumptown promises it will be an “explosive” case which will “flip the script” on the series as a whole. Could that mean more than the obvious tease about Dex and Grey (Jake Johnson)?

Honestly, we hope this preview is being as deceitful as the promo for last night’s episode. For one thing, we really like Grey with Liz (Monica Barbaro). They have a great bit of chemistry even if they’re teasing some murky past for her. Also, it’s nice to see Grey in a clear, happy situation. Well, mostly clear and happy, anyway. Also, Dex and Hoffman (Micheal Ealy) is a pairing that seems healthier in the long run — and that’s considering both have unresolved trauma about a great number of things.
But one thing the show has not really arrived at is an overarching plot, and we have the suspicion the next episode will start pulling threads together. Will Sue Lynn prove to be Dex’s primary antagonist or has she been her guardian angel all along?
Stumptown returns December 4th on ABC.

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