Catch Up With The Entire Bloodshot Library Before The Movie

by Gary Catig
Credit: Valiant Entertainment

Bloodshot, the first film featuring a Valiant Entertainment character, is set to premiere this coming February. We even have an interview with some of the creatives from NYCC. Meanwhile, the publisher has been working hard to hype up the movie and make the superhero accessible for both die hard fans and newbies alike.

Earlier this fall, they released a brand new series that served as a good jumping on point. Now they are partnering with GIT Corp to bring the Valiant Bloodshot Digital Comic Book Collection. It will contain a whopping 159 issues; every single issue of the solo series beginning in February of 1993 all the way until December of this year. The following series will be included:

  • Bloodshot 1993 (54 issues)
  • Bloodshot 1997 (16 issues)
  • Bloodshot 2012 (basis for the upcoming motion picture – 27 issues)
  • Bloodshot 2019 (3 issues)
  • Bloodshot Reborn (21 issues)
  • Bloodshot U.S.A. (4 issues)
  • Bloodshot Salvation (12 issues)
  • Bloodshot Rising Spirit (8 issues)
  • Harbinger Wars (4 issues)
  • Harbinger Wars II (6 issues)
  • The Valiant (4 issues)
  • 10 additional issues featuring top Valiant Universe characters
  • Valiant Universe 2019 handbook

The Valiant Bloodshot Digital Comic Book Collection will be available January 6, 2020 and will retail for only $20. What a great value when you consider its over $500 worth of comics. You can preorder now from the GIT Corp website.

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