Chris Weston Covers The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire From Rebellion

by Olly MacNamee

Chris Weston cover

British comic strip classic, The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire, is due to have a limited edition first volume hardback released, with a paperback coming in March.  And, Rebellion, alongside partners, the Treasury of British Comics, have revealed a retailer exclusive cover by Chris Weston, who was mentored by Trigan Empire artist and co-creator Don Lawrence in his early career. This cover will be available in UK comic stores Forbidden Planet, Forbidden Planet International, OK Comics, Book Palace, and other selected stockists and weighs in at 304 pages, with an introduction from Liam Sharp, who also learnt at the knee of this master, figuratively.
Co-created by Mike Butterworth and Don Lawrence, here’s more on the history of this much loved fully painted comic strip, published from 1965 until 1982:

Originally published in the anthology titles Ranger from the first issue in September 1965, and Look and Learn from June 1966 until April 1982, the series told the story of an alien empire on the planet Elekton that was heavily influenced by history, particularly Roman. Created by Mike Butterworth, who died in 1986, and artist Don Lawrence, who died in 2004, the series’ mix of political intrigue and Lawrence’s lush painted artwork won a host of fans worldwide, and proved to be highly influential, inspiring a generation of comic book creators with its depth and beauty.

Hardback cover by Don Lawrence

The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire Vol.1 is available for preorder now and until December 4th and scheduled for rebased on March 18th.

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