Mondo Presents Half Life 2’s Gordon Freeman As A 1/6 Scale Figure

by Olly MacNamee


Mondo seem to be ramping up their high end collectable figures and the next franchise to join their ranks is Half Life 2 and Gordon Freeman. A 1/6 scale figure with additional accessories, as well as a Mondo exclusive coming with a head crab model, this figure features his iconic armor, fabric undersuit, 25+ points of articulation and is available now for ordering. Expect to ship March 2020.

Available here now.

Gordon Freeman 1/6 Scale Figure – Mondo Exclusive. Features a Headcrab Figure. Approx. 12.5″ in height, Weight: Approx. 3lbs, Materials: PVC, ABS, Fabric. Artists: Bigshot Toyworks, Mara Anchete, Joe Allard. Expected to Ship March 2020. Ships Worldwide. $200

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