Buy Hine’s And Stafford’s The Bad Bad Place Now And Help Support A Local Arts Radio Station Too

by Olly MacNamee

David Hine and Mark Stafford have a new graphic novel out called The Bad Bad Place, and ahead of our review this weekend, you may want to grab yourself a copy and help out a good cause at the same time.
The publishers of The Bad Bad Place, Soaring Penguin, will be donating £5 from every sale made up until midnight tonight (GMT) toward supporting Resonance 104.4fm, an independent Arts focused radio station here in the UK.
Ahead of a lengthier look at this modern horror, and to encourage you to picking up a great book by a great creative partnership, it’s well worth it. If you enjoyed the convention-bending folk horror that was Lip Hook, you’ll love this new macabre offering just as much.

It seems that Faraway Hills, the modern community built on the site of the far, far older Crouch Heath, did not satisfy all the needs of the community. When the Castavette Estate reappeared on the edge of town, years after it had been demolished, those needs, those urges, those cravings were satisfied. But at what price?

At £14.99 it’s a steal for a hardback, and supporting a great cause too. For more details, and to order your copy, check it out here.
And, why not read our interview about Lip Hook with David and Mark here.

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