Granblue Fantasy Versus Shows Off Katalina, Gran, and Charlotta In Combat

by Sage Ashford

There’s not much time left until Granblue Fantasy Versus launches in Japan. With the game coming out on February 6th there, it is about time to get some gameplay footage which focuses on some of the characters we know are already in the game.

Arc System Works and CyGames released trailers for lead characters Gran and Katalina, as well as one delving into one of Granblue’s more popular side characters (both here and in Shadowverse), Charlotta, the Tiny Justice. Each trailer goes into detail about the way each character fights, showing off their strengths and weaknesses. More on the game itself below:

An international mobile game hit, Granblue Fantasy has topped the charts, charming players across the globe with a plethora of lovable characters and story-driven mechanics. Now, legendary fighting game studio Arc System Works and CyGames are teaming up to bring the universe to home console in an action-packed head-to-head fighter. Featuring a colorful cast of their most popular “crewmembers,” each with a unique fighting style that is easy to learn but hard to master, Granblue Fantasy: Versus is sure to appeal to fans of Granblue lore and fighting games alike.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus will launch in Japan on February 6th for PlayStation 4, and later in 2020 worldwide.

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