Oliver Embraces His Fate On The Next Arrow

by Erik Amaya

With one episode of Arrow remaining before the Crisis, Oliver (Stephen Amell) has one last mission to complete. And it seems the quest will take him back to the beginning. Or, at least, to Lian Yu. This time, though, he’s not alone. Almost all of Team Arrow — and Team Arrow 2.0 — are on the island. But as this preview of next week’s episode reveals, the mission may be a last stand before Oliver embraces his fate to save the Multiverse. Will Lian Yu offer one last insight to that destiny? And will Ollie shave that beard into a Van Dyke before the end?

In some ways, bringing Paul Blackthorne back is cheating. He’s such a good actor that it makes the emotional beats a little too easy to reach. Then again, with only 40-odd minutes to get both Oliver and Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) to a place where they could say goodbye to Quentin Lane, you need every shortcut you can get. At the same time, it is sort of amazing Arrow found a way to do a time-loop episode — and playing it up for both characters to make peace was the right way to use it.
But it will be interesting to see how these items Oliver collected play into the Monitor’s (LaMonica Garrett) plan. He is one mysterious entity and considering his ambitious plan in the original Crisis comic, it is possible these items will help save … well, those who can be saved.
Arrow airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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