Mister Fantastic Stretches Into Marvel Contest of Champions

by Gary Catig

2019 has been the year of the Fantastic Four in Marvel Contest of Champions. There have been character releases featuring members of the First Family and their villains like Doctor Doom. Starting today, Mister Fantastic himself will be available as a playable character and you can check out his abilities and stats here.
Check out his in-game story bio below:

Reed Richards is a brilliant scientist, who spearheaded an experimental voyage into space accompanied by his friends and family. An accident occurred during the trip, and the ship was flooded with cosmic rays. After crashing back to Earth, Reed found that he could stretch and elongate his body in impossible ways. He became the leader of the Fantastic Four, and uses both his powers of elasticity and his genius intellect to deftly handle all threats, galactic to microscopic.

Now that fans can play as Reed Richards, they only have to wait until December for the Silver Surfer to join the Battlerealm in celebration of Contest’s 5th anniversary.

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