Cracking Christmas Comics: A Guide To Festive Funnies For The Holiday Season

by Olly MacNamee

Well, as it’s now December there’s no time like the present to check out the array of comics celebrating this Holiday season for the different comic book publishers out there for your consideration at this time of year. Bit, I must admit, after the slew of comics that came out over Halloween, the offerings for this forthcoming Holiday season are rather meagre. Bah, humbug, indeed. Seems us comic book readers would rather read horror that all about Holiday cheer.

New Years Evil one-shot (DC Comics)
Writer: various
Artists: various
Release date: 12/4/2019
Why hello there, readers! It’s your Uncle Joker letting you know that this year’s DC winter holiday special is not for the good guys. It’s all about the folks on Santa’s naughty list! Folks like me, Sinestro, Toyman, Harley Quinn, and even an appearance from that timely rascal the Calendar Man. Come sledding with your favorite villains in 10 fantastic tales created by comics’ finest talents. They’re not as funny as me, mind you, but it’s important that we be charitable this time of year.

Archie Christmas Spectacular (Archie Comics)
Writer: various
Artists: various
Release date: 12/11/2019
Get ready for yuletide fun and holiday cheer in this special collection of Christmas tales!

Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #279 (Archie Comics)

Writer: Bill Golliher
Artists: Dan Parent
Release date: 12/11/2019
Betty and Veronica are going skydiving-or at least, Betty thinks Veronica’s going skydiving with her. Will Veronica pull a fast one on her BFF mid-air?

Pink Lemonade Holiday Grab Bag (Indiegogo/self-published)
Writer: Nick Cagnetti
Artist: Don Simpson
Released date: 12/11/2019
Learn more about the mysterious Pink Lemonade in this holiday collection of short stories, which include the moment she receives her name, a motorcycle crash where she narrowly escapes serious injury, a run-in with an angry French spaceman named Skip who has lost his dog, a bar full of pirates that turn out to be quite friendly, a moment of introspection where she struggles with loneliness, the discovery of an old comic containing a superhero she admires, and Pink Lemonade’s first ever letter to Santa! New friends, motorbikes, carousels, dino-shaped chicken nuggets, OJ-bot, angry spacemen, flying dogs, vintage comics…it’s all in here!

Klaus and the Life and Times of Joe Christmas (Boom! Studios)
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Dan Mora
Release date: 12/18/2019

  • In the tradition of Grant Morrison ‘s 2001 New X-Men Annual , BOOM! Studios presents a widescreen comic that catalogs the life and times of one Joe Christmas.
  • Abandoned as a baby, Joe Christmas is taken in by Klaus. In this holiday calendar-inspired comic, experience 25 all new short stories of Klaus teaming up with Joe Christmas over the years!
  • Grant Morrison (New X-Men) and Dan Mora (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) return to the winter world of Klaus for an all new holiday special!

2000AD #2162 X-Mas Special (Rebellion)
Writer: various
Artists: various
In the legendary 2000 AD spectacular 100-page festive issue all-new stories, journey to a world beyond imagination in The Zaucer of Zilk: A Zaucerful of Secrets by Peter Hogan and Brendan McCarthy, the follow-up to 2012’s phantasmagoric first series by Al Ewing and McCarthy, as an old enemy of the wand-wielding Zaucer comes looking for revenge; there’s more head-spinning weirdness in Proteus Vex: Another Dawn by Michael Carroll and Henry Flint, a brand-new SF spy series set in an alien galaxy; Kingdom creators Dan Abnett and Richard Elson reunite on a new fantasy saga, Feral & Foe, as a pair of creatures that would normally be hunted down by the humans are tasked with targeting their own kind; Bridget Kurtis’s investigations lead her to the site of a massacre in Brink: “Hate Box” by Dan Abnett and INJ Culbard; a young man takes a step into a wider world in “Graduation Day” by Gordon Rennie and Tiernen Trevallion; future lawman Judge Dredd has another seasonal case, plus much more!

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