Celebrate Krampusnacht With These Krampus Tiki Mugs From Mondo

by Olly MacNamee

In certain parts of Europe December 5th is celebrated as Krampusnacht, the night that the demonic anti-Santa takes away naughty boys and girls ahead of Saint Nicholas Day on December 6th. And, what better way to mark the occasion – other than to lock your doors and stuff up your chimneys that is – than to sup eggnog or mulled wine from this Krampus Tiki Mug from Mondo. Although, it’ll be next year’s Krampusnacht, as shipping on these will ship takes between 7 and 10 days. But, that does mean they’ll come before Christmas!

KRAMPUS Tiki Mug. Nutmeg variant features a nutmeg brown glaze with a wiped dark brown finish. Holds approx. 16 oz., Approx. 7″ in height, Aprrox. 2lbs. Material: Ceramic. Artists: Florian Bertmer, Matthew Black, Tiki Farm. Expected to Ship in 7-10 Business Days. Ships Worldwide. $35

Coming in a nutmeg colorway to give it a wood-like appearance, it’s available now from Mondo here.

Plus, there’s also a timed edition that aims to be shipped in December and coming in a white glaze with a wiped dark red finish. You can check that out here. But, for me, it has to be the nutmeg colored cup o’Christmas, as it just looks the more antique and, well, traditional really.

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