Red Skies Come For Black Lightning In A Preview Of Next Week’s Mid-Season Finale

by Erik Amaya

While Black Lightning (Cress Williams) finally stands with the Resistance, a greater threat looms in the skies above Freeland. It’s the Crisis on Infinite Earths and it appears the upheaval will bring red skies to Jefferson’s universe and a schism in Jennifer (China Anne McClain) as three of her alternate selves try to occupy the same space. Which of her personas will be successful in asserting control? And how will Lynn (Christine Adams) blame the Crisis on Jeff?

One thing we had not anticipated was Black Lightning taking the Crisis head-on while not officially part of the crossover. Oddly, it gives the episode the feeling of one of those Crisis tie-in issues like Green Lantern # 198 or The Omega Men #31. That is, frankly, the best way to do this even if it derails the show’s own “Book of Resistance” to send Jefferson off into the Arrowverse. It probably means he will have to deal with the Occupation after the Crisis. But if that will occur on his own Earth or in a post-Crisis New Earth remains to be seen.
Black Lightning airs Mondays on The CW.

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