Yondu #2 Delivers The Quirky Sci-Fi Adventure We All Need

by James Ferguson

Yondu has stumbled upon the Herald’s Urn, an artifact of unimaginable power so of course, the first thing he thinks to do with it is to sell it to the highest bidder. That presents a problem for Yondu of the future, who has come back in time to guide his ancestor to a righteous path. Yeah, that’s going to happen. In any case, the Yondus are being hunted by all kinds of miscreants, some just mad at the present day version for being the horrible person he is and others seeking the urn to use it as a weapon.

While Yondu of the present is an absolute bastard, you can’t help but love him. He’s like a sci-fi version of John Constantine in this regard. There’s something about him that charms everyone he comes into contact with. Sure, they should shoot him right in the face, but they’ll let him slide just one more time…again.
Yondu #2 provides a peek into the feelings lurking deep beneath the surface of the character, especially when it comes to his ex-girlfriend Zhala. She has a soft spot for the guy even after all he’s done. When she’s put in danger during this issue, it pushes Yondu over the edge. He refuses to admit his real feelings, instead giving into rage and preparing for war.

The gritty nature of John McCrea’s artwork is a perfect fit for this story. While this is a science-fiction tale, it’s more like Star Wars than Star Trek. The spaceships are beat up and ragged, not perfect and clean vessels. They’re held together by chewing gum and a prayer. This quality extends to Yondu himself too. It’s clear he hasn’t bathed in some time and he has a few days worth of stubble on his chin that you just know is as rough as sandpaper. A smirk shines through this dirt and grime and that’s where the charm comes in.
This contrasts well with the stoic and clean nature of the Yondu from the future. He looks like a noble warrior without a hint of humor to him. He’s appalled by how his ancestor acts. This Yondu carries himself with honor, holding his head high while the present day version slouches and hides in the shadows.

This extends to their dialogue too. Future Yondu talks a whole lot where Present Yondu limits his words more. There’s more going on in his head, keeping his thoughts secret. Letterer Joe Caramagna keeps the dialogue flowing at a nice pace without anything feeling overwhelming.
Despite their differences, the Yondus are the same exact shade of blue. Colorist Mike Spicer matches them up, creating a clear link between the two. The worlds that this story takes us to are vast and sprawling with all sorts of different sci-fi tropes. Spicer really hammers home this aspect of the book, making it clear that we’re not in Kansas anymore. He also plays into the gritty quality of McCrea’s artwork perfectly.

Yondu is the quirky sci-fi adventure we all need. Writers Zac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler are showing us the seedier side of the Marvel Universe with the perfect tour guide for it. You can’t help but get caught up in this lovable miscreant’s life.
Yondu #2 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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