Check Out Matias Bergara’s Cover For Strange Skies Over East Berlin #4

by James Ferguson

Boom! Studios has revealed a new variant cover for January’s Strange Skies Over East Berlin #4 from Matias Bergara. The series from writer Jeff Loveness, artist Lisandro Estherren, colorist Patricio Delpeche, and letterer Steve Wands is an intense thriller following an American spy who finds a terrifying inhuman threat during the Cold War. This cover definitely captures the vibe of the series.

Herring has been running and spying for so long, it’s hard to tell his allies from his enemies. As the alien monster closes in on Herring, the mental attack forces him to come to terms with his past—and the truth about the government he works for.

Strange Skies Over East Berlin #4 also features a cover by Evan Cagle. The comic is set for release on January 8th, 2020.

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