Kill Whitey Donovan Set For A Film Future

by Erik Amaya

Just as its first issue hit shelves, Dark Horse and 12-Gauge Comics’s Kill Whitey Donovan begins its journey to becoming a film.
According to Deadline, Hideout Pictures has acquired the rights to the series by Sydney Duncan and Natalie Barahona. The story revolves around socialite Anna Hoyt and runaway slave Hattie Virgil, who pursue evil plantation owner Jim “Whitey” Donovan throughout the chaos of the Civil War. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate EventsSigrid Gilmer will oversee the adaptation.
“Everyone at Hideout got what we were trying to do at the comic-book level and it became apparent that the book was in good hands when the producers met with Sigrid Gilmer and came back raving about her being The One,” said Duncan in a statement. “She’s funny and just one of those writers who is so dialed into the currents of culture and community and humanity.”
Of course, the film option is just the first step in bringing the concept to the screen. The next step: finding a director.
Kill Whitey Donovan is not yet scheduled for release.

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