The Holidays Come To Hogwarts In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

by Gary Catig

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the augmented reality mobile game that takes place in the Wizarding World Universe. With the holidays approaching, there will be special seasonal events and features in the game.
Developer Warner Bros. Games has plenty in store for players including special gift boxes, callbacks to the original series and a Christmas Catastrophe event. All of the new in-game festivities for December can be seen below:

  • Bright Christmas Catastrophe Event Part 1: December 3-10

Recall the wonders of Hogwarts Winter Ball, including the memories of couples like Hermione and Viktor, as well as the Hagrid and Madame Maxime.

  • December Community Day: December 14

Help Hagrid take care of his magical creatures by helping him find the Hagrid Hut Log Magical Creatures. Special port keys will take you to Hagrid’s Hut to unlock some of the rarest magical creatures.

  • Christmas Catastrophe Brilliant Event Part 2: Date TBD

Contemplate memories of Ron and his friends at the Yule Ball, including memories of Parvati and Harry, as well as Fred and Angelina

  • Event 12 Christmas Tasks: Date TBD

Join the festivities by completing the 12 Christmas Tasks and exchanging special gifts with friends using the gift feature.
Players will be able to collect special gift boxes from Inn, Greenhouse and Strongholds containing Magic Energy, Potion Ingredients, Runic Stones and more gifts for their friends.
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is currently available for free on the iPhone app store, Google Play for Android and the Samsung Galaxy app store.

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