Time Travelling Assassins: AfterShock Announce Artemis And The Assassin From Phillips, Hetrick And Fantini

by Olly MacNamee

AfterShock announce new time-twisting tale in new series Artemis and the Assassin #1, written by Stephanie Phillips (Butcher of Paris, Descendent), with art by Meghan Hetrick and Francesca Fantini, colors by Lauren Affe, and letters by Troy Peter. It’s a popular sci-fi sub-genre with this new series following a crime travelling assassin out to change history. And, that can never be a good thing, right? There’s always a cost. But, what will that cost be, and who will pay for it?

What happens when a time-traveling assassin and a spy from 1944 try to kill each other?

For a price, a top-secret assassination organization will travel through time and interfere with watershed moments. Trained as the agency’s top assassin, Maya is sent to kill Virginia Hall, the deadliest spy of WWII. Charged with carrying important plans about the invasion of Normandy to the allied troops, Virginia’s death would have a cataclysmic effect on WWII as we know it.

Writer Phillips explained more behind this new series:

The story is about an international group of time-traveling assassins willing to interfere in watershed moments throughout history for a price. One such assassin, Maya, is tasked with killing the most notorious female spy of WWII, Virginia Hall. When the mission goes awry, both Maya and Virginia’s lives are changed forever as both women are pitched headlong through time. 
I love writing two very distinct, unique, and kick-butt women traveling through time. Obviously, there is a lot of tension since Maya’s goal was initially to kill Virginia. I also love the opportunity to place these characters in bizarre situations. With time traveling on the table, the obstacles and settings are endlessly fun.

Check out the preview of the first kick-ass issue, out March 18th 2020:

Oh, and we’ve got more. Check out these black and white pages from the back-up material too:

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