Wonder Woman And The Flash Revert To Legacy Numbering After Their 750th Anniversary Issues

by Olly MacNamee

Action Comics and Detective Comics set the gold standard in anniversary issues which both the Wonder Woman and The Flash titles are copying. But, announced by DC Comics, they’ll continue following on the numbering from #750. So, the following issues of both titles will be on shelves as issues #751, and so forth.

The emphasis is, of course on the history and longevity of these characters, although The Flash is cheating somewhat as that three digit number wasn’t all down to him, but a certain Jay Garrick too. Mind you, after so many reboots is Wonder Woman the same character she was back in the 1940s? Hmmm.
As well as this announcement, DC also had cover art for upcoming issues of both titles. All of which are featured here.
Here’s DC Comics’ SVP and Editor-In-Chief Bob Harras to tell more behind this decision:

As with Action Comics and Detective Comics, Wonder Woman and The Flash are part of the DNA of the DC universe, Resuming our Legacy numbering for these titles enables both past and current fans to embrace the rich history of both of these iconic characters and is a reaffirmation that in the DC universe, everything counts.

You can read more about this at DC Comics’ website here.

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