Grey Goes Undercover In A Preview Of The Next Stumptown

by Erik Amaya

Stumptown may be headed for its Winter break, but when it returns, Hoffman (Micheal Ealy) looks to send Grey (Jake Johnson) on an undercover assignment. Considering how he said he missed boosting cars, maybe this will give him a chance to scratch that itch.

Although, we have to admit it’s a bit disappointing to see the two as rivals for Dex’s (Cobie Smulders) affections once again. Avoiding the romantic triangle was a strength this show seemed to possess and Monica Barbaro was an inspired bit of casting as Liz. But this is network television and a romantic triangle is the easiest sort of sustained conflict, so we’ll give it a pass as long as the cases of the week remain good. This week’s, for instance, was truly clever, if a little underserved. It also fed into Dex’s ongoing need to clean up her act in an interesting way; becoming friends with high school rival would be a great runner. We’d also love to see her make her bed solo more often so she can, as Grey suggested, actually heal.
But the fact is, we are invested in her improving her life, so Stumptown remains on our watchlist when it returns January 8th.

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