The Spectral Secret Is Out In Ghosted In LA #7 Exclusive Preview

by James Ferguson

Ghosted in LA has quickly become one of my favorite new series of the year so I’m pretty excited to share an exclusive preview of issue #7 from Boom! Studios. Due out in January 2020, the comic is written by Sina Grace, illustrated by Siobhan Keenan, colored by Cathy Le, and lettered by DC Hopkins. It follows Daphne, a young woman trying to figure out her life…and afterlife in Los Angeles as she lives in a big house with ghosts for roommates.

The one condition of Daphne’s residency at the Rycroft Manor is that no one can ever find out about the ghosts and so far, Daphne is crushing it. Only, like, four people have found out. It’s fine! Except, maybe not, because the most recent person to find out is her ultra-religious former roommate who knows too much about exorcism for comfort.

Ghosted in LA #7 features a main cover by Keenan and a variant cover by Grace. It’s set for release on January 15th, 2020.

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