No More Heroes III: The Return Extended Trailer

by Sage Ashford

Travis Touchdown has been promising to make a return in a proper No More Heroes game since the first Switch reveal back in December of 2016, but it seems like we’ve finally got a release year nailed down for No More Heroes III. This latest trailer, “The Return”, goes into detail on another character in the game — Damon, who starts out as a young boy helping an alien named Fu return to his home planet.

Twenty years later, Fu returns to Earth … and he’s changed quite a bit. He seems to be vastly more powerful, comes with a crew of friends with incredible powers, and has aims to take the planet over alongside his friend Damon. He starts by attacking the populace with a strange chemical, and proclaiming himself a superhero. With no other choice, Damon contacts Travis Touchdown in the hopes of him being able to take down these intergalactic assassins.

No More Heroes III looks to have Travis assemble a wide array of powers to take down all the alien threats, as the game seeks to tap into the popularity of superheroes, even giving him a suit of Kamen Rider-esque armor in one of the earlier trailers.

Though No More Heroes III has no firm date, it’s scheduled to come out in 2020 for the Switch.

Sage Ashford

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