Reaching The Pinnacle Of Rock ‘N’ Roll In Archie 1955 #4 First Look

by James Ferguson

Archie 1955 puts Archie Andrews in the center of the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll. We’ve been seeing the rise of this star, but what comes up must come down. We’ve got an early preview of issue #4 from publisher Archie Comics where the cracks are starting to show in this perfect frame of glory.

Archie reaches the pinnacle of rock and roll heaven; hit records, TV, movies and thousands of adoring fans, but cracks are beginning to show–it’s terrifying at the top but the possibility of falling from it is far worse.

Archie 1955 #4 is written by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn, illustrated by Derek Charm, colored by Glenn Whitmore, and lettered by Jack Morelli. It features a main cover by Peter Krause and variant covers by Mike and Laura Allred and Jamal Igle. It’s set for release on January 8th, 2020 and the final order cutoff date for comic shops is Monday, December 16th, 2019.

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