Boom! Studios’ Origins Explores Life After Humans

by James Ferguson

With climate change and sheer chaos all around us, we have to wonder what will happen to this planet after we’re gone. Origins, a new original graphic novel from Boom! Studios explores that idea. Arash Amel, Joseph Oxford, and Lee Toland Krieger are joined by writer Clay McLeod Chapman and artist Jakub Rebelka to present a view of the future where humanity’s last hope may be the person who created its destruction.

Co-creator Arash Amel says:

Origins is biopunk science-fiction that explores what happens to our planet in a post-human world, and the impact on Mother Nature of the tech our disappearance will eventually leave behind. In the spirit of my favorite classics such as Planet of the Apes, it is an exploration of human hubris and folly, and large-scale world building only truly possible in a graphic novel. I’m excited to be working with BOOM! Studios again after our previous collaboration on Butterfly.

Origins is set one thousand years after humans have become extinct and replaced by artificial intelligence. It’s here a single man is brought back to life. David Adams, the creator of the technology that destroyed his own people now must figure out how to reignite the spark of humanity and stop the AI overlords who plan to eliminate mankind permanently. He’s aided by the same android who revived him as he sets down a path of redemption for his biggest mistake and discover if humanity can – or should – have any kind of future.

Writer Clay McLeod Chapman added:

After corrupting college with the contagion kegger-epic Lazaretto, it is an absolute honor to return to BOOM! Studios with Origins. The story we have set out to tell, exploring parenthood after the apocalypse and what it means to be human in the absence of humankind, is something I believe readers of sci-fi and beyond will love. Being able to collaborate with Jakub Rebelka is a total dream come true and I can’t wait for everyone to be introduced to the lush and terrifying world we have created…

Origins features a cover by interior artist Jakub Rebelka.

Artist Jakub Rebelka says:

Humans are gone, megafauna have been resurrected, and only robots remember the old days. All that remains of the old world is covered with wild plant life while the towers of Manhattan are the silent witnesses of this new dawn. It’s everything I always wanted to draw, and I’m very excited to show readers the brave new world of Origins.

Co-creator Joseph Oxford added:

An absolute dream-team has been assembled to bring Origins to life. Staggeringly beautiful and wholly original artwork accompanies an incredible story set in the post-apocalypse like you’ve never seen it before. I can’t gush over Jakub’s artwork enough. The stuff he’s creating for this book is utterly stunning.

Dafna Pleban, Editor, Boom! Studios says:

This is a thrilling science fiction epic with a huge concept at its core and a keen insight into the type of legacy that we will leave behind after we’re long gone—a timely message for the world. Clay and Jakub have done an amazing job of bringing to life Arash, Lee, and Joseph’s story about the very best and worst of what humanity has to offer this planet and its other occupants.

Origins is due out in October 2020.

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