Review: Wonder Twins #10 Sees Luthor Outsmarted By An Intern

by Olly MacNamee

Wonder Twins #10 sees the titular twins in outer space and trying to free Polly Math’s father from the Phantom Zone. Just your average day in the DCU then. But, it’s not their antics that’ll take up all your attention, but Mark Russell’s take on Lex Luthor, who he continues to depict as less than the greatest mind on Earth. Although, to be fair, he ain’t on Earth anymore. But, it’s in his attempts to get back to our planet that the humour ensues as he is outwitted by an intern at his own company! If only the Justice League had known this, it would have saved them a lot on anguish over on their own title. Hardly the Luthor we’ve come to know and despise in the current Villain of the Year mega-arc current being played out across DC Comics. But, not here where Russell, along with the animated art of Stephen Byrne, are allowed to write Luthor how they see fit, free from this big event. 

Wonder Twins continues to read as a work-based sit-com, only their work colleagues are superpower beings, but the jokes still remain relatable. Often because, throughout this series, it’s been the odd satirical swipe at big corporation and how they work to the detriment of it’s employees.  And, it would seem like ‘intern #5’ is having the time of his life maxing Luthor’s credit card as a mild form of workers’ power ij action. I just fear for his future in LexCorp once the CEO and owner gets back. I mean, it’s not like Luthor’s going to win any awards for ‘Employer of the Year’ anytime soon, now is he. I imagine his HR department must be overworked from the amount of complaints lodged by employees. Well, those that don’t disappear that is.

With only two issue left of this initial run, and a new internet threat looming large, there’s still a lot for our Wonder Twins to do, even if they’re currently oblivious to this threat. And, still no sign of the Scrambler. Here’s hoping he makes a dramatic return before the end of this fun-filled, Saturday morning cartoon-like book. Fingers crossed.
Wonder Twins #10 is available now from Wonder Comics/DC Comics

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