Royal Jubilee: Preview Excalibur #4 By Howard And To

by Olly MacNamee

Out of all the new X-Men books flooding the market at the moment, one of my favourites is most definitely Excalibur by Tini Howard and Marcus To. Well, this week sees Excalibur #4 drop and we have a preview of the issue to adhere with you all. Betty comes face to face with ‘the truth about her brother’ as well as contend with MI-13 and Rictor gets a lesson in Britain’s starts. Although, I hate to correct Rictor, but now we have a Tory majority, we aren’t going to be in Europe too much longer, sadly. And, as for us remaining a United Kingdom… well, who knows anymore. Sometimes life can be stranger than fiction.

Still, just another busy day in the life of the X-Men and X-Women.

Captain Britain must face the truth about her brother and choose her path forward as MI-13 and the agents of the crown become aware of her ascension. As the lighthouse grows, Apocalypse and Rictor must master the earth beneath their feet.

Excalibur #4 comes out Wednesday 18th December from Marvel Comics.

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