The Modern Marvel Age: Preview History of the Marvel Universe #6 From Waid And Rodríguez

by Olly MacNamee

History of the Marvel Universe comes to a close this week with issue #6 as Mark Waid and Javier Rodríguez condense down the entire convoluted history – mega crossover events and all – into just one 6 issue mini-series.

Looking a the preview below, Rodríguez continues to deliver dynamic and different page layouts that seem to effortlessly capture the key events of Marvel’s history while Waid does his best to keep the word count down. But, with so many events to still cover in this last issue, I don’t blame him for the high level of narration and exposition he still needs to include to do this history lesson justice. Especially in the last few decades when there seems to have been one crossover after another. And, all recounted here come Wednesday 18th December in History of the Marvel Universe #6.

From the stories of today to the end of the Marvel Universe! The grand finale has only one promise to make – no one gets out alive!

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