Review: Justice League #38 Sees The Tide Of Battle Turn As A Noble Sacrifice Is Made

by Olly MacNamee

I’ve been duped. As has anyone expecting this week’s Justice League #38 to be the finale of the ‘Justice/Doom War’. But, I’m not sad. It means I get one more issue by the winning team of Scott Synder and Jorge Jimenez, so there is an upside to all of this.
Plus, with the sacrifice of one character in this issue, I think it’s fair. Why have the noble death (sort of) of a character be smothered in other plot points that will need tying up by the end of all of this, and cheapen said character’s noble sacrifice. After all, this has been a story 39 issue in the making. More, if you include the Justice League: No Justice mini-series that started this whole epic run off in the first place. And, we’ve come a long way since then. Looking back at the full run, and it’s safe to say that Synder has left his mark on the Justice League with new characters, concepts and the Dark Multiverse; all there to be picked and played with by others long after he’s long gone. Just like on his seminal Batman run, Synder seems to know he’s making history in what he adds to each franchise he’s guided. From the Court of Owls to The Batman Who Laughs, Synder’s legacy will be felt for a long time yet. And, that’s the best any creator can hope for really. Leave something so well conceived and delivered that it becomes integral not just to a particular title, but to DC Comics rich history too.

What we have, rather than a conclusion, is another issue of all out battle – kinetically, dynamically, brilliant illustrated by Jimenez and Daniel Sampere –  but with the tide most definitely turning in the Justice League’s favour as they take on Luthor and start making gains, for once. By the end of the issue the optimism that these heroes have not felt for a good while is back and ready to kick some ass.
Justice League #38 is available now from DC Comics

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