Anthropomorphic Avengers Assemble: Preview Spider-Ham #1 From Wells, Robson And Marvel Comics

by Olly MacNamee

This year Christmas Day clashes with new comic book day, but I doubt anyone will be behind comic book store counters on this day. But, if there are any stores open and selling comics, you may be interested in this offering from Marvel. Peter Porker, Spider-Ham swings into his own new 5-issue mini series from writer Zeb Wells and artist Will Robson. A hit with a whole new set of fans thanks to his appearance in last year’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse animated film, here’s your preview of Spider-Ham #1 from Marvel Comics, as Spider-Ham meets Earth 8311’s anthropomorphic Avengers.

Not a dream! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary tail! Spider-Ham finally has his own series! (Again!)
Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham finds himself jumping through time, side-by-side with Peter PARKER, the Spectacular Spider-MAN!

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