George’s Rebellion In SFSX #4

by Josh Davison

Mild Spoilers Ahead
We learn how George and Avory came to meet one another at the Dirty Mind. In the present, the Party is trying to “reform” George at their Pleasure Center. Worse yet, they have Jones administering that reformation and the torture they’re putting George through is unspeakable. Back at the Dirty Mind, Avory, Sylvia, Casey, and Nick discuss how they’ll break into the Pleasure Center. As it turns out, Denis has been at the Pleasure Center before, and it left them mutilated and scarred. However, that bad experience may be able to help the denizens of the Dirty Mind save George and Jones.

SFSX #4 cover by Tula Lotay
SFSX #4 cover by Tula Lotay

SFSX #4 goes into the backstory and character of George, who, until now, has mainly had the sole identity of being Avory’s somewhat milquetoast husband. However, this issue fleshes out his character a good bit and shows him fighting back against the Party and the Pleasure Center.
George turns out to be a fairly likable character too. He’s defiant, brave, and, like everyone else in this comic, extremely kinky.
The backstory of Denis is quite tragic, but they might just be my favorite character in SFSX. There’s something relatable in Denis’ shyness and quiet devotion. They’re great.
There is a lot of sex in this issue too. That’s not innately a bad thing, though it did feel gratuitous at some points. Admittedly, gratuitous violence doesn’t usually bother me, so the gratuitous sex may not be a problem for you.
SFSX #4 art by Michael Dowling, Jen Hickman, and letterer Steve Wands
SFSX #4 art by Michael Dowling, Jen Hickman, and letterer Steve Wands

Michael Dowling brings another issue of strong visuals. The style is appealing and almost noir-esque. The detailing is excellent, and the color work of Jen Hickman is excellent. Hickman brings neon shades and vibrant toning.
SFSX #4 is a strong installment of this kinky dystopia series. The heads of the Dirty Mind ready for a rescue mission while we learn more about George and the inner workings of the Pleasure Center. Add to that the excellent visual work of Dowling and Hickman and you have a book well worth recommending. Check it out.
SFSX #4 comes to us from writer Tina Horn, artist Michael Dowling, color artist Jen Hickman, letterer Steve Wands, and cover artist Tula Lotay.
Final Score: 8/10

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