Power Rangers Special Coming For Free Comic Book Day 2020

by James Ferguson

Free Comic Book Day is five months away but the titles that will be available have been announced. BOOM! Studios will be publishing a Power Rangers Special for the event, featuring the journey from Ranger Slayer to Power Rangers from writer Ryan Parrott and artist Dan Mora.

Meet the Ranger Slayer – AKA Kimberly Hart, the Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, from the alternate universe ruled by Lord Drakkon! Discover her full origin story, collected together for the first time with content from Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #9-12 and the exclusive short story from the sold-out Shattered Grid Deluxe Edition. This is the perfect jumping-on point for any new fan and sets the stage for one of the biggest moments in Power Rangers history!

Usually publishers do one of two things for FCBD. They either reprint old material or put out an all-new story. BOOM!’s approach this year seems to be a mix of the two, providing new stuff for existing fans and an entry point for newcomers.
Free Comic Book Day is May 2nd, 2020. Be sure to mark your calendars and check your local participating shops.

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