Coming Soon – Hugo Pratt’s Battle Stations – Never Before Reprinted Art From A Master

by Richard Bruton

The history of British comics is long and varied, with some unexpected delights to be uncovered. And one bit of brilliance comes to you in February as The Treasury Of British Comics begins reprinting the Brit work of one of the finest comic artists of all time, with Hugo Pratt’s artwork on the epic naval adventure of Battle Stations.

That there’s so much material of this master available that’s never been reprinted before is something truly incredible. But it’s true. There’s several volumes of the work he did for Fleetway in the 60s to come, beginning right here with this 1963 tale from War Picture Library.

Restored and given the treatment it deserves, Battle Stations tells the tale of three survivors of a Nazi Naval Attack in WWII and their determination to seek their revenge on the U-boat, no matter what the cost.
The black and white art and the ocean-bound setting really does highlight the brilliance of Pratt’s artwork, with so many opportunities here to admire the stark, black lines of the master’s work…

You’ll find page after page of panels such as this, where Pratt’s line just springs off the page in gloriously crisp and magnificently restored artwork. It’s a delight to see.

This is the first of a proposed series from the Treasury of British Comics to bring Pratt’s British material, amongst others, back into print. It’s not exactly the sort of thing we were expected to be getting when the Treasury first came about, but damn, it’s a wonderfully unexpected surprise.

Battle Stations, written by Donne Avenell, art by Hugo Pratt, published by the Treasury of British Comics & Rebellion.
Battle Stations comes out on 20th February2020 but before then, enjoy a few preview pages…

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