World Trigger Makes A Return With A Second Season

by Sage Ashford

Popular shonen-action anime World Trigger is making a return.
Based on the former Weekly Shonen Jump series, World Trigger started airing in Fall of 2014 and ran until 2016. The show told the story of Mikado City, a location where people are frequently under attack by alien monsters referred to as “Neighbors”. The organization known as Border has figured out how to battle against the Neighbors with the usage of stolen technology (Triggers) which enables them to use a special energy called Trion in combat against them. Meanwhile, a humanoid looking Neighbor, Yuma Kuuga, appears in Mikado City while trying to live a normal life.
World Trigger recently switched over to being published in Jump Square, a monthly anthology magazine, so there’s not as much material left. As such, there’s a strong chance this will be a much shorter series than season one, which ran for 73 episodes. We also have no idea when the second season will begin, as no release date was given with it’s announcement, which likely means Spring 2020 or later in the year.

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