The Red Queen Vs The Black King: Preview Marauders #5 By Duggan, Lolli And Marvel

by Olly MacNamee

The Hellfire Trading Company has obvious shades of the East Indian Company that was, effectively, responsible for the rapacious colonised India back in the dark days of the British Empire, and I think that’s the point. The more we are meant to buy into this new mutant utopia that is Krakoa, the more you just now things are going to end up badly. The question remains; from what quarter will the threat eventually come from?
Judging by the solicitations for Marauders #4, out January 1st 2020 from Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli, it could very well be the Black King. But then, looking at any of the villainous mutants Kraokoa has welcomed with open arms, it could be many, many others too. But, for now, roll on the Battle of Madripoor and let the best mutants win.

THE BATTLE OF MADRIPOOR! The Marauders are caught between the forces of Madripoor and the Black King’s machinations! Thankfully, they have TWO Omega Level mutants onboard…

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