Bizarro And Artemis Return: Preview Red Hood and the Outlaws #41 By Lobdell, Messina And DC Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Red Hood and the Outlaws #41 sees the return of Bizarro (this doing double duty this week over on The Terrifics #23) and Artemis but it doesn’t seem to be on the friendliest of terms. Welcome ’em both back in this preview of today’s comic book. Written by Scott Lobdell with art by David Messina and a cover by Dan Mora. Boy, Mora must love Bizzaro, as he’s also cover artist to the aforementioned The Terrifics #21 too. So, why does one have a beard and t’other not? Intriguing minds need to know.

It’s the shocking return of Artemis and Bizarro! But when did these old friends become foes? Red Hood’s former Outlaws are ready to kill Jason Todd, and the kids of Generation Outlaw might be the only ones who can stand in their way! Sure, they’re the super-villains of tomorrow, but for today they’re just kids trying to learn how to survive in this crazy world. Will their final lesson be not to trust Jason Todd, or will they ultimately prove to be the end of his old teammates? It’s all been leading to this showdown between the Outlaws and the New Outlaws!

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